Cathy Covell Waegner taught in the English Department of the University of Siegen in Germany until her retirement in July 2013. She obtained degrees from the College of William & Mary (BA) and the University of Virginia (MA, PhD). In addition to her work on William Faulkner and Toni Morrison, she has published on Native American themes, transculturality in the ethnic bildungsroman, minstrelsy, AfroAsian “postmodernist passing,” 400 years after Jamestown, “hybrid tropes” in film, new diasporas, palimpsestic trajectories on the “ethnic shore,” and the interaction between American and European cultural phenomena. Waegner edited a volume in the American Indian Studies Series (Michigan State University Press) in 2015 called Mediating Indianness, co-edited a project volume with Norfolk State University scholars, Transculturality and Perceptions of the Immigrant Other: “From-Heres” and “Come-Heres” in Virginia and North Rhine-Westphalia (2011), as well as, with colleagues from Université d’Orléans, Literature on the Move: Comparing Diasporic Ethnicities in Europe and the Americas (2002). She served as MESEA (Multi-Ethnic Studies: Europe and the Americas) treasurer for four years. Her current research focuses on contemporary Native American literature, specifically in connection with issues of globalization.

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MEDIATING INDIANNESS (click to move to Mediating Indianness website)

Edited by Cathy Covell Waegner

Michigan State University Press, American Indian Studies Series, 2015

ISBN: 978-1-61186-151-8